Best Coffee Deals and Study Spots in Auckland CBD

Aug 10, 2020 | 9 min read
Hey, I'm Hayden and food is my passion in life. Unfortunately, food can be expensive, and that's where my love for coupons comes in. I'll be sharing my favourites so you can eat and save more! Follow me on Instagram @aucklandcouponguru for more deals!

How good is studying at a cool looking window seat where everyone can see you with your MacBook, AirPods, and frappe while you complete Buzzfeed quizzes and post about how screwed you are for exams. The only problem? The CBD is packed with cafes, and not knowing the best ones with coffee deals can have you winding up at Starbucks and paying a ridiculous amount for some ground up beans with milk.

To save you from being basic I’ve decided to put together a little list of the best cafes for studying so you can cram 12 weeks of study into one day, as well as some cheap coffee deals, because this is a coupon page, and we’re all about the deals.

Coffee Deals

Barista made coffee from Coffix, Auckland CBD
Coffee for $3? Who could say no. Credit: Zomato.

Coffix – Cheap Coffee

If you don’t get your ‘on the way to a lecture’ coffee from Coffix you’re doing life wrong. Coffix is a chain of small cafes that primarily sell coffee, alongside a few goodies at an extremely cheap price. This isn’t even technically a deal as it’s just their everyday prices.

What: Pop in any day of the week and you’ll be treated to a $3 small and $4 large coffees anytime! Not only is that already cheap coffee, but you can get an extra coffee shot, syrup shot, or swap out cows milk for soy milk at no extra cost! Plus the staff are lovely, it’s just great vibes all round.

Where: Various

Wifi: No

Koffee Bar – Cheap Coffee

Sunflower Cafe (now Koffee Bar) is my go to, it’s a cute cafe located a 10-15 minute walk from uni that has lovely staff, and great cheap coffee. Koffee Bar also makes for a great study spot, it’s not overcrowded, has free Wifi, and comfy seating. What more could you want?

What: Pop in any day of the week and you can nab a small coffee for $3, or a regular for just $4! No longer do you need to pay $6 for a coffee at Starbucks.

Where: 34 Wyndham Street

Wifi: Yes.

Coffee Club – VIP Club

Eggs Benedict and coffee from Coffee Club, Auckland CBD
Two for one coffees means more money for food right? Credit: Zomato

I know what you’re thinking, Coffee Clubs are normally quite overpriced, and you’re right, but they also offer some comfy seating, free wifi, and their membership program means you can get some real cheap coffee.

What: For just $25 a year you can buy one hot drink and get one entirely FREE, every single day, effectively making a coffee cost as low as a couple dollars! Perfect if you’re constantly studying with a friend, or have a big study sesh ahead of you. Not only this, but you can nab 10% off all food Monday-Wednesdays, as well as gain access to other local store offers. For more info you can visit: https://www.thecoffeeclub.co.nz/vip-club/about-the-vip-club/

Where: Various

Wifi: Yes

Hollywood Bakery & Espresso – Free/$1 Muffin

Ah yes, the cafe chain of everyone’s childhood. I know they’re not the coolest cafe, but they do a great deal, and that’s what matters.

What: This deal varies Hollywood to Hollywood, but generally when you purchase any sized coffee, which is already decently priced, you’ll nab a muffin either for FREE or for just ONE DOLLAR, making the combo cost as little as $4 or $5!

Where: Various

Wifi: Yes

Le Petit Cafe – Cheap Coffee

Coffee from Le Petit Cafe, Auckland CBD
Order a coffee at the lights, and have it before the light goes green? The dream. Credit: AucklandNZ

If you don’t know what Le Petit Cafe is, you must be from the shore, because it’s the first thing you see when you get off the train at Britomart as you think to yourself, “can I order a coffee and still make the next lights.”

What: Just like Coffix, Le Petit Cafe uses their small shop size (basically a food truck) to focus on selling cheap coffee to the masses. You can get a good cheap coffee on-the-go for as low as $2.50 (espresso), with a large just costing you $4! You literally can’t beat it.

Where: 12 Queen Street

Wifi: No

McDonald’s – App Coupons

Don’t pretend like you’re not going on a cheeky Maccies run in the next month. I’m just here to prep you with the coupons to save money.

What: In case you didn’t know, McDonald’s offers coupons via their mobile app, and if that isn’t the best news you’ve ever heard I don’t know what is. The coupons change regularly, but a few staples include a Bacon & Egg McMuffin with a medium coffee for $7, a cheeseburger with a small coffee for $5, and an apple pie with a small coffee for $5, absolute steals.

Where: Various

Wifi: Yes

Mojo Coffee – App Discount

Breakfast food and coffee from Mojo Coffee, Auckland CBD
Beautiful food and coffee. Credit: Zomato.

I’m adding this one for the UoA students. I know you’re going to find yourself at Mojo when you’re running late or trying to find a will to live.

What: This deal isn’t the greatest in the world, but going to Mojo at uni is inevitable. To save you a bit of money, simply download the Mojo Coffee app, signup, and present your account at the counter to nab 10% off all hot drinks. It ain’t much, but it’s honest work.

Where: Various

Wifi: No

Best Study Spots

The coolest cafe in Auckland. Credit: Remedy Coffee.

Remedy Coffee

Remedy Coffee is potentially the coolest cafe in the CBD. Great food (their wraps really hit the spot), good coffee, a heap of board games, feel good music, and even an arcade machine, Remedy is an absolute treat! Located on the corner of Wellesley St West, literally a 2 minute walk from AUT, you wouldn’t expect such a snazzy place to exist. Grab a coffee, play a game of scrabble (study) on the couch and just unwind. The only problem, it is a small cafe, you just got to be in quick and make sure you don’t visit at peak times!

Where: 1 Wellesley Street West

Wifi: Yes

The Raw Kitchen

On face value The Raw Kitchen doesn’t look like much, but hear me out. When you first walk inside you’ll assume it’s a small vegan takeaway, but if you venture up the spiral stairs you’ll find a big, open, super minimal room, perfect for studying. There’s a couple great big couches with wall outlets nearby, and a great big table for all your supplies. This cafe is genuinely a great escape from the city while still being nestled nearby university. On top of this they offer delicious and nutritious food, as well as the sweet nectar that is coffee. If you’re wanting peace and quiet, with a gram worthy atmosphere, The Raw Kitchen is it chief.

Where: 90 Wellesley Street West

Wifi: Yes

PW Cafe

Picture of coffee from PW Cafe, Auckland CBD
These may be some of the sexiest coffees out. Credit: Zomato.

PW Cafe (formally Gloria Jeans and Alberobello) was my absolute go to while at university. Located on High St, it’s a small walk from uni, making it perfect for a quick hour in-between lectures. The homely upstairs atmosphere of PW Cafe makes you feel like you’ve been transported to a cosy suburb. When you first walk in, you’ll find a super unassuming small cafe, but once you’ve placed your order, pop upstairs and you’ll find a big room filled with different types of seating dependent on your vibe. If you’ve got a spare hour and you want a good coffee with some hard study, look no further than PW Cafe.

Where: 1b/47 High Street

Wifi: Yes

Gloria Jeans, Lorne St

Gloria Jeans on Lorne St is genuinely one of the nicest and biggest cafes I’ve seen in New Zealand. I know it’s a chain and a little overpriced, but that doesn’t takeaway from the fact that it is the ultimate study spot. If you venture to the back of the cafe you’ll find a large area with plenty of different seating, perfect for any situation, whether you’re grabbing a coffee, or setting up shop to study for a few hours. To help sweeten the coffee deals, students can nab 10% off, so make sure you have your student ID at the ready!

Where: Shope 9-10 Khartoum Place, Lorne Street

Wifi: Yes

The Kimchi Project

Picture of the Kimchi Project courtyard, Auckland CBD
Me, you, this courtyard, and 12 weeks of course content, it’s a date. Credit: The Denizen.

The Kimchi Project from face value looks like your run of the mill modern cafe, but it has an unassuming poor kept secret out back. Located on Lorne Street not far from uni, you wouldn’t expect much from a cafe on a skinny street, but if you venture past the counter and through the cafe into the restaurant you’ll find one of the best courtyards in town! This courtyard is filled with light from the clear ceiling and surrounded by nature, absolutely perfect for studying! On top of this, their food is absolutely delicious, shout out to the pasta.

Where: 20 Lorne Street

Wifi: Yes

Thanks guys for taking the time to check out my blog on coffee deals and study spots! I hope you’ve found a couple new study spots accompanied by some sweet coffee deals. You can follow me on Instagram @aucklandcouponguru for the latest deals and content from the best eateries in Auckland! You can also take a look at my post on the best eateries in Auckland, period.