Favourite Eateries In Auckland

May 20, 2020 | 13 min read
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Good job New Zealand! We’re smashing the curve and leading by example in the world’s endeavour to contain and control Covid-19. It’s been a crazy couple of months, and as a reward Aunty Cindy blessed us with the reopening of eateries. As great as this is, and trust me I’m stoked, the situation is different now and small businesses need our help. I will treat you to my vast #foodie knowledge and give you a list of my personal favourite eateries in Auckland and a delivery guide to get the food straight to your door.

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Auckland Coupon Guru’s Favourite Eateries

1. Raw Power Cafe

Favourite Eateries In Auckland and Delivery Guide: Raw Power
Some of the delicious goodies available at Raw Power. Credit: Zomato.

Raw Power has to be the most wholesome cafe in Auckland. Situated up a flight of easy to miss stairs on Vulcan Lane, in the midst of the madness that is the city. Raw Power specialises in vegetarian and vegan brunch and lunches, with your choice between a self-service salad bar or a full fledged cafe menu. The owner is absolutely lovely and you feel welcomed the moment you step inside. Alongside the free WiFi, Raw Power is the perfect study spot, just perch up next to a window on the second floor and enjoy the views, food, and coffee. Now, for those that are skeptical, I didn’t just choose this place because it’s cute, the food is some of the best vegetarian food I have ever had, the coffee is good, and the prices are just as tasty with nothing costing over $18! A well deserved spot as the first restaurant on my list of favourite eateries In Auckland.

Favourite Dishes

  • Tofu Burger, pictured on the image above at the bottom, she’s hefty and full of flavour.
  • Tofu Hash Mushroom, one of my favourite dishes ever, creamy mushrooms and a homemade hash brown? What more could you want.
  • Lemon Pancake, delicious fluffy pancakes topped with grilled banana, berry compote, maple syrup, and crème fraîche, just writing this made me hungry.

Address: 10 Vulcan Lane, Auckland CBD (09 303 3624)

2. Cassia

I never knew such happiness until I discovered gourmet Indian food. Don’t get me wrong, I love takeout but the service, presentation, and flavours you get at Cassia is unrivalled. Cassia holds awards for Outstanding Restaurateur and Outstanding Bartender. Open occasionally for a set lunch menu from Wed – Fri, the real treat is booking a table and going for dinner. From the moment you step inside you receive VIP service, but in a relaxing friendly manner complimented by their dishes and interior. Sharing plates and cocktails are encouraged, adding to that fun relaxing vibe. To top it off dishes are really well priced for the love and flavour that’s put in, ranging from just $14 to $39.

Favourite Dishes

  • Eggplant, Kasundi, Chickpea, Curry leaf, anything eggplant gets a massive tick from me, but the flavour in this is wild.
  • Potato, Cauliflower, Kadhai Spice, Ginger, this dish right here blew my mind, the spices worked perfectly together, I still dream about it.
  • Garlic Naan, I know you can get naan almost anywhere, but this remains the best naan I’ve ever had. Every single part is cooked to perfection.

Address: 5 Fort Lane, Auckland CBD (09 379 9702)

3. Big J’s Takeaways

Favourite Eateries In Auckland and Delivery Guide: burger from Big J's Takeaways
Images you can taste. Credit: Zomato.

This right here is my favourite Kiwi takeaway and burger spot in all of New Zealand. Big J’s has it all, the best burgers, the best fries with FOUR different choices of seasoning (amazing right?). With the massive range of fried goods, you can taste the love and care put into their food. Situated in the ‘burbs of Mt Wellington down a few random side streets, you already know you’ll get that classic wholesome Kiwi takeout service. Once again their food is also extremely well priced, with gourmet burgers at regular takeaway prices.

Favourite Dishes

  • Cajun Queen, an amazing cajun spiced grilled chicken burger with bacon, sautéed onions, and banana. I know that sounds weird, but trust me, it’s delicious.
  • Mushroom Magic, maybe I’m just a fool for creamy mushrooms, but slap those on top of a prime beef patty, sautéed onion, tomato, lettuce, and aioli, and you’ve got a delicious burger.
  • Chips, You have to try their fries, they are cooked to absolute perfection, light, fluffy, and crispy. Ask for chicken salt and you’re in for a treat.

Address: 4/1 Melton Road, Mt Wellington (09 579 0340)

4. Friend of a Farmer

I’ve got to show some love to the south, and honestly, who would’ve guessed one of the best cafes in Auckland is located on a back road inside of a Plant Barn? The location is beautiful, setup mostly outside, filled with plants and flowers with a great big family deck like layout. The staff are lovely, which goes a long way, but most importantly the food is brunch at it’s best. Yes, it is as simple as it gets, a classic kiwi brunch spot, but it is done so so right. Tie all that in with great coffee and you’ve got a perfect Sunday spot to escape to.

Favourite Dishes

  • Corn Fritter Stack, this is it guys, my favourite brunch meal of all time. I’ve been here three or four times, but I’ve only ever ordered the stack, because it is that good. Amazing corn fritters, with bacon, greens, sour cream, and sweet chilli, absolute heaven.
  • Coffee, make sure you also order a coffee while you’re here, some of the best I’ve ever had.

Address: 163 Airfield Road, Takanini (09 298 0017)

5. Cafe Midnight Express

Favourite Eateries In Auckland and Delivery Guide: Mediterranean food dishes at Cafe Midnight Express
Great food, great prices, great service. Credit: Zomato.

Cafe Midnight Express is located in the heart of the city on Victoria St. Mediterranean food at its best with such great prices, you can truly justify their three course meals. Your options for food are mouth watering, and you have the choice of either opting for their regular menu or a special lunch/dinner menu with amazing deals. We’re talking $12 lunches, two course dinners for $25, three course dinners for $35, among others. No matter what you choose you’re in for a hearty, wholesome meal full of flavour, and I guarantee you’ll be back. Making it number 5 on my list of favourite eateries in Auckland.

Favourite Dishes

  • Mezze Platter, this dish is just one of the best entrees period, but the sigara borek (essentially cheese in deep fried pastry) is melt in your mouth good.
  • Vegetarian Moussaka, imagine a Mediterranean lasagna. Potato, topped with veggies, eggplant, the most delicious sauce, cheese, and yogurt. Amazing.
  • Midnight Mix, make sure you don’t eat all day before this. We’re talking roasted lamb, grilled chicken, and kofte, topped with tomato and yogurt sauce, on top of rice and herb mashed potato. Basically a heap of delicious carbs and delicious meat.

Address: 59 Victoria Street West, Auckland CBD (09 303 0312)

6. Burger Geek

I know I said Big J’s is my favourite burger spot, but this is a very close second. I find that burger places in the city lose their touch once they become popular, but this can not be said for Burger Geek. Burger Geek is a homely, family owned gourmet burger bar that is a short walk from uni. You can choose from juicy buttermilk fried chicken burgers, Angus and Wagyu double smash beef burgers, or innovative veggie/vegan burgers. The best part is their sides are just as good, I mean who doesn’t love American style chicken wings with four sauces to choose from, crumbed jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese, or triple cheese deep fried mac n cheese balls?

Favourite Dishes

  • Swanson, I’m a simple man, I see a barbecue bacon burger, I order it. Chuck in cheese, onion strings, and aioli, and you’re in for an absolute treat.
  • Hot Wings, free range, crispy American style wings coated in honey sriracha, Dr Pepper & bourbon BBQ, mango habanero, or Franks buffalo sauce. What more could you want?
  • Jalapeno Poppers, this might be a little bias, but I just love cream cheese. Add in some heat, coat it, and deep fry it. Perfection.

Address: 175 Symonds Street, Eden Terrace (09 869 3467)

7. Glass Goose

gourmet dish at Glass Goose
Glass Goose is equal parts fancy, fun, and delicious. Credit: Zomato

I contemplated not putting any fancy restaurants on my list of favourite eateries in Auckland, but Glass Goose is too good not to show some love. Plus for the experience and amazing food, it is well worth. Located on Federal St, venture up a flight of stairs you’ll find yourself in an open plan rooftop bar/restaurant which doubles as a top location for fun after work drinks and a cute date night spot. Glass Goose specialises in a wide range of European style sharing plates, both meaty and vegetarian, that are so good you honestly don’t want to share. Tie the delicious food with the lovely ambiance and tasty cocktails, and you’re in for a top notch dining experience.

Favourite Dishes

  • Wagyu Short Rib, I have honestly never had a dish so tender before, and the parsnip puree that comes with it makes for a flavour explosion.
  • Duck Fat Potato Skins, even at an upper scale eatery you’ve got to enjoy the simple things in life. Imagine fancy fries that are the size of your palm, why would you not order them?
  • Chocolate Marquise, okay so this is my all time favourite dessert, yet I’m still not entirely sure what it is. It’s like a decedent chocolate frozen slice covered in crumbed cookie, dried raspberries, more chocolate, and vanilla ice cream. Unbelievably good.

Address: 78 Federal Street, Auckland CBD (09 379 9404)

8. Barilla Dumpling

Asian cuisine based restaurants score high on my favourite eateries in Auckland and are unfortunately taking the biggest hit during this pandemic, and they need our support more than ever. There are two Barilla Dumplings located down on Dominion Road in Balmoral, but it doesn’t matter which one you go to, because they’re both amazing. They specialise in, well, dumplings, but have a wide range of delicious Chinese food from sweet and sour pork to spicy eggplant. They also offer BYO so it’s the perfect eatery for a get together with friends, where you can share food and laughs.

Favourite Dishes

  • Chicken Curry Dumplings, I am yet to find another restaurant that makes these and they’re my absolute favourite. A real subtle curry taste infused in juicy chicken is a vibe.
  • Eggplant in Spicy Garlic Sauce, the fried eggplant absorbs all the flavour from the spicy garlic sauce which makes for an absolute treat, definitely a portion size for two people.
  • Brown Sugar Pancake, a delicious Chinese style pancake covered in brown sugar which melts and gives a great caramel taste, so simple, yet so good.

Address: 571 Dominion Road, Balmoral (09 638 8032)

Ways to Order for Pickup or Delivery

We’ve gone through my favourite eateries In Auckland and now it’s time to move onto the delivery guide. Now, waiting in line or going to sit down at a restaurant might not be your thing, especially in present times, but you obviously want that delicious food. So I’ve decided to share a few of the best apps and websites you can use to easily find a restaurant, their contact information, menu(s), and to place an order for delivery or pickup, all while supporting the best eateries in Auckland!

Order Directly Through the Eatery

This should go without saying, but with Uber Eats and other high fee takeaway ordering apps making a killing, obviously not. Before placing an order for your favourite takeout, check their website or social media to ensure that they don’t offer this ordering service themselves. Especially since we entered Level 3, the number of eateries offering online or phone ordering, including a delivery service is amazing! But the best part, by ordering through eateries directly, they keep all the profits.

Luk App

Luk App is a new application taking the Auckland food scene by storm. This single application allows consumers to view nearby eateries in a directory like feed, take advantage of deals and loyalty cards offered by the restaurants, order directly from the restaurant in the app for both pick up and delivery (it even has a pay later feature), and so much more. Think of Luk App as a combination between Zomato, Uber Eats, and GrabOne, it has everything and helps to support local!

Kiwi Takeout

Kiwi Takeout is a New Zealand wide website that works as a gigantic eatery directory, so you can easily order your favourite food whether it be by phone call or a delivery app. You simply visit the website, choose your location, and browse the ever growing list of eateries (which you can refine by cuisine and location). When you click on an eatery you can see all of their contact information, a sample menu, social media, link to their website, and apps that offer delivery. The Kiwi Takeout website had one goal in mind, to help small businesses survive and thrive during these unprecedented times.

Eat Local

Eat Local is another amazing website trying to do its part to support local eateries in New Zealand! All you’ve got to do is visit the website, enter your address, click ‘Find Food’, and you’re presented with your nearby delicious takeout options. From here you can order directly through the website for pickup (soon to be delivery as well), and you’ll then be notified via your choice of email or text when your order is ready! The beauty is that this amazing service only costs the restaurant a 5% fee, instead of the typical 30%, so you can feel good about supporting local!

Regulr App

The Regulr App is an amazing app that allows consumers to uniquely place orders directly to an eatery for both takeout and dine-in, all while building a closer relationship to the business. Just by opening the app you can see a list of eateries nearby to you, where you can then order your meal, skip the line, and choose to pay either online, in-store (helping the restaurant save money on fees), or you can chuck it on the tab and pay later! This service also costs restaurant owners much less, starting at just $29 + gst a month.

Honorary Mentions

  • Easi App: One of the largest asian food delivery apps.
  • Order Meal Online: Massive range of Indian takeouts can be ordered from this site.

Thank you for taking a look at my favourite eateries in Auckland. Let me know some of your favourite eateries in the comments so I can give them a try! Follow me @aucklandcouponguru on Instagram for more #foodie related content, and most importantly, deals! Take a look at my last tips and tricks blog on how to score dirt cheap petrol.