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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Students do not have to pay a single sent for printing or paper. There is even a communal use stapler that we refill regularly.
No, you should upload files through before you come to use the kiosks. This is to ensure that your credentials are kept safe from malicious software that may be introduced via USB or offline connections.
To help save trees, the printers are set to print double sided by default. At this moment there are no options to print one sided.
No, currently our printers only print in black and white.
You receive 100 pages at the start of every month. We sponsor student clubs and organizations to help their members receive additional pages at the start of the month. If you’re looking to get your club sponsored, message us on our facebook page
Yes, our incredible partners at Silk Road eatery - who are inside the Niesh lounge (great food by the way) will top you up with 100 extra pages of printing for any purchase at their restaurant.
Yes. This is how we can afford to make the printing free. Generous businesses have sponsored all your printing costs in exchange for placing a small ad at the bottom of every page. We work hard to ensure that all ads or deals are specifically beneficial to students so that it’s a win-win relationship.
Unfortunately our printers are only set up to print A4 pages and do not currently offer any other sizes.
Sometimes university emails mark our confirmation emails as spam. Please check your spam folder and wait up to 48 hours for confirmation. You can try sign up again using the same email address to resend the email confirmation.