Zomato Gold: Make Back Your Money In One Sitting

Jun 10, 2019 | 4 min read
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Nowadays there are SO MANY money saving outlets to choose from. You’ve got your classic loyalty programs, trusty coupon websites, and beautiful membership programs that offer massive discounts. As a self-proclaimed coupon connoisseur with a PhD in cheap I believe I have a valid say in what the best deals are in Auckland, and trust me, the Zomato Gold membershipis it.

Also, before you get any ideas this blog post is not sponsored by Zomato. This is simply me trying to help my fellow students and struggle-es alike get the absolute most out of their hard earned dollars.

Okay firstly, what even is Zomato Gold?

It’s the brain child of the popular restaurant review company Zomato. Zomato has connections with almost every restaurant, bar, and cafe in New Zealand, it was only a matter of time till they all came together like Thanos with the infinity stones.


With Zomato Gold you can visit over 250 restaurants in Auckland, anytime, any day, and be eligible to receive either ‘buy one get one free’ on food dishes, or ‘buy two get two free’ with drinks! The best part is there’s anunlimited amount of redemptions! With amazing options such as, The Kimchi Project, Fokker Bros, Bedford Soda & Liquor, and hundreds more, you probably won’t be cooking for a while, sorry.

That’s cool and all, but how does it actually work?

  1. Simply open up your Zomato app.
  2. Choose from one of the 250+ eligible restaurants you’d like to nab a massive discount from.
  3. Actually go to the restaurant.
  4. Redeem your Zomato Gold visit on your chosen restaurant’s Zomato page.
  5. Show this to the staff member.
  6. Place your order.
  7. Enjoy a free meal or a couple free drinks, depending on your chosen restaurant!

Wow that sounds too good to be true, how much does it cost?

Aha, I see you’re quite the businessman/woman. Trust me, I am one of the tightest people ever when it comes to spending money on food/drinks, and even I know this is a great investment for your stomach.

So, you can currently grab the 12 month membership at a special price of just $45 OR $36 with 20% OFF referral code! (Usually $65). The price is actually insanely low if you do some quick math.

Say you go out to Ponsonby with a friend on a Friday night and some drinking obviously needs to be done. You wisely decide to hit up the Gypsy Caravan for some fancy cocktails, good choice. You redeem the ‘buy two drinks get two free’ option at the bar and instantly save at least $34! Keep in mind that this is off a single redemption, when you have a whole 365 days to make the most of your membership, the amount you can save is ridiculous!

It’s 2019, commitment isn’t my thing, do they do trials?

If you’re still on the fence or you rarely go out, you can also grab their ‘Starter’ membership. This bad boy costs just $20, and you can make 3 redemptions whenever you want, there’s no expiry date at all!

7 Deals To Make Back Your Membership FAST

Here is a small snapshot of the many ways you can basically make your membership cost back in just one redemption using Zomato Gold, provided you use a referral code.

  1. Mikano: Order any of their quality meat dishes, such as the ‘roasted stuffed chicken kiev’ for $38, then receive a second dish of the same or lesser value.
  2. Gusto Italiano: Order any of their mains, with the most expensive being the Italianised lamb rump for $34.50, then receive a second dish of the same or lesser value.
  3. NZ Tang Bar & Restaurant: Order a couple of their delicious cocktails, such as the ‘Lychee Mule’ for $18 a pop, and receive a couple more cocktails for free valued at $36.
  4. Redwall 1939: Why not live a little boujee and opt for a couple $18 glasses of rose instead of your typical ‘happy hour’ house wine, and receive a couple more glasses for free valued at $36.
  5. Sails Restaurant: You’re definitely going to want to have Zomato Gold for this one. Order literally any of their main courses, the cheapest being $37 (Terakihi), and receive another main of the same or lesser value.
  6. Bodrum Kitchen: Order either the ‘tagine’ or the rightfully titled ‘feast’ under the main menu for $32 and receive, you guessed it, a second dish of the same or lesser value.
  7. Faro: Why not mix it up a little and try a couple glasses of the traditional Korean drink, ‘soju’ priced at $16 a pop and receive a couple more glasses on the house valued at $32.

I could genuinely go on and on, but I hope I’ve made the point that Zomato Gold effectively pays itself off very quickly, and is worth every penny.

Alright I’m convinced, how do I sign up?

Glad you made the right choice. Simply follow this link to sign up!

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