Top 10 Restaurant Month Deals for Students

Aug 16, 2019 | 9 min read
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American Express ‘Restaurant Month’ is possibly the greatest annual event held in Auckland.

How It Works

Restaurant Month runs through the entire month of August (as in it’s on now!) where participating restaurants create special $25, $40, and $55+ set menus

There are a lot of these menus from a whole heap of different restaurants, so I thought I’d rate them all and give you my top 10 to make the task of deciding where to go a bit easier! Oh, and of course we’re only looking at the $25 menus because we’re all about getting the best quantity and quality at the lowest price!

Note: It is recommended that you book a table when visiting any of these restaurants to ensure you can take advantage of their delicious and cheap menus!

My Top 10 $25 Deals

1. Green Time – 2 Course Meal and Hot Beverage

Green Time Hero

Green Time is an amazing vegan eatery found on Fort Street, with the most homely vibe you’ll ever find. Everything there is made from scratch, nothing is fried, and the food is refined sugar free! But don’t be fooled as that doesn’t take away from the flavour at all.

What: Pop into Green Time for either lunch or dinner and you can nab their special $25 main and dessert with a hot beverage deal. They have a few classic options to choose from for the main dish, with ‘chicken’ pasta, Thai green curry, or nachos. And for dessert you’re absolutely treated to either lemon meringue, a banoffee tart, or a chocolate brownie made from (wait for it) Whittaker’s chocolate. To top it off you also get a coffee or tea of your choice to compliment the meal! 

Where: 28 Fort St, Auckland CBD.

Vegetarian Friendly: Yes, completely vegan.

Conditions: None.

2. Gourmet Burger & Brew Kitchen – 3 Course Meal and Beer

So, this may be my favourite place in the whole world. I mean who doesn’t want a delicious burger with alcohol whilst perched up in the viaduct?! Better yet, who doesn’t want 27 different burgers to choose from?

What: I know you must think the title is a typo, but it’s isn’t, Gourmet Burger & Brew Kitchen are offering a full 3 course meal during both dinner and lunch alongside a glass of beer as their contribution to Restaurant Month. Starting with the entree you can choose from prawn cutlets, prawn twisters, or bacon wedges (for those not seafood inclined.) To follow up with the main course you simply choose anyone of their unique 27 burgers (this is when I’d be downing my glass of beer), and then you’ve got a wholesome cupcake of your choice to finish it off for dessert!

Where: 139 Quay St, Auckland CBD.

Vegetarian Friendly: No, it is pescatarian though.

Conditions: None.

3. Bao Baby Bao – 2 Course Meal

Bao Baby Bao

Everyone, meet Asian fusion done right. So many eateries miss the mark with fusion food, but not Bao Baby Bao. Situated up in Elliot Stables, this place serves up delicious, mouth-watering food in a chill atmosphere.

What: This is definitely one of those meals where you’re gonna feel extremely happy afterwards. Included in Bao Baby Bao’s 2 course dinner meal you have an entree of Korean fried chicken wings to start things off (yum), and then it’s your choice of either bang-bang chicken salad or sweet & sour pork for the main (double yum).

Where: Elliot Stables, 41 Elliot St, Auckland CBD.

Vegetarian Friendly: No.

Conditions: None.

4. Grasshopper Bar & Restaurant – 2 Course Meal

Grasshopper Bar & Restaurant is you classic Thai spot in the CBD located among many others of its kind, attempting to stand out from the rest. It achieves this by not only bringing flavour to the plate, but the food is fresh as can be, enriching your experience. 

What: Firstly, don’t walk in expecting your ol’ faithful pad thai to be on this special menu. The guys at Grasshopper mix it up a bit for their 2 course dinner and lunch meal, offering a pork and green peppercorn curry served with coconut rice for the main, alongside a kiwi favourite pavlova with mango sorbet to cool off for dessert!

Where: 22 Albert St, Auckland CBD.

Vegetarian Friendly: No.

Conditions: None.

5. That’s Amore – 2 Course Meal with Drink Match

Ever wanted to go to Italy, but thought to yourself “I’m broke AF”? Visiting That’s Amore is your answer. Offering that homely Italian vibe with authentic Italian style pizzas to match, you’ll feel like you’re in the streets of Rome.

What: To start off your delicious 2 course dinner you’re treated to one of That’sAmore’s Auckland famous pizzas, with your choice of either feta, spinach, onion, and olives, salami, and tomato sauce, or sausage, mushroom, spinach and parmesan. For dessert you choose a gelato flavour out of chocolate, lemon, or old school vanilla, and then to top it off (as if it couldn’t get more Italian), your dinner also comes alongside a famous San Pellegrino beverage!

Where: 1 Courthouse Ln, Auckland CBD.

Vegetarian Friendly: Yes.

Conditions: None.

6. Seven – 3 Course Meal

Seven Rooftop Bar Restaurant

Seven is a beautiful rooftop bar located seven floors up the Seafarers Building in Britomart (in case you were wondering where the name came from). So if you want amazing bites and drinks in a relaxing atmosphere this is the place.

What: Seven offers up something a little different in comparison to the other restaurants on this list for both lunch and dinner. Instead of your traditional entree, main, dessert combo you instead are given the choice to select a ‘snack’ with the options of a salmon taco, fried chicken, popcorn shrimp, or tempura bean, as well as a bao of your choice (chicken or char siu), and dumplings (pork and chives, tofu and oyster mushroom, or chicken and prawn.)This deal is perfect if you want to try a little bit of everything, and don’t want to waste that appetite on dessert!

Where: 52 Tyler St, Auckland CBD.

Vegetarian Friendly: Yes.

Conditions: Available between 12-7pm.

7. Gusto at the Grand – 2 Course Meal with Drink Match

Gusto at the Grand

I know what you’re thinking, how on earth does Gusto at the Grand even have a one course on offer for $25 let alone two with a drink. Situated in Sky City you’re in for a refined atmosphere with lovely service and perfect food.

What: This Restaurant Month, Gusto at the Grand treats us like absolute kings at a peasant price. Pop in during lunch or dinner for a special 2 course meal which includes a drink match! To start you off, for the entree you have pea, mint, and ricotta bruschetta, followed by pappardelle al ragu alla bolognese (which is fancy talk for bolognese) as the main. To also help sweeten the deal you’ll receive a glass of Italian wine! This is literal balling on a budget.

Where: 90 Federal St, Auckland CBD.

Vegetarian Friendly: No.

Conditions: Available between 12-2.30pm and 5-6.15pm.

8. Turko – 2 Course Meal with Drink Match

Gosh I love Mediterranean food. One of the only cuisines that really nails the whole fresh and somewhat healthy food that also tastes amazing. That’s exactly what you’ll get with Turko located just on Drake St.

What: Pop into Turko Cafe for either lunch or dinner and you can nab their tasty 2 course meal, with a drink to match. Starting off with the main you have a few classic Mediterranean options to choose from, including a doner kebab, grilled chicken salad, or a mezze platter. For the drink you can choose from beer, a glass of wine, or a more wholesome apple tea. To finish it off with dessert you’re given refreshing Turkish delight, because it’s Turkish cuisine, so duh.

Where: 22 Drake St, Auckland CBD.

Vegetarian Friendly: Yes.

Conditions: None.

9. Daikoku Victoria – 3 Course Meal

Daikoku Victoria is out here giving you a delicious Japanese experience for that magical low $25.

What: Just pop in anytime for lunch or dinner and receive a delicious 3 course meal! Starting off with the entree you can choose between salmon sashimi or tempura coated prawn and veggies. For the main it’s teriyaki everything, with your choice between chicken, scotch, or salmon, with side dishes of steamed rice and miso because you’re worth it. Finally, to finish off with dessert you’re served up matcha flavoured jelly with ice cream!

Where: 148 Quay St, Auckland CBD.

Vegetarian Friendly: No.

Conditions: None.

10. Spice Alley – 2 Course Meal


I get that Indian food is already quite cheap usually, but I figured I’d mix it up and give you that SkyCity fancy Indian experience still at a really low price. So now you get amazing food and ambience.

What: Spice Alley is deterring you away from your butter chicken cravings and you’re instead treated to a delicious 2 course meal which is available for both lunch and dinner. For the entree you have the choice of sticky and crispy chicken wings or a Punjabi samosa (I got you vegetarians). With the mains it’s a bit more funky giving you the choices of either a pork curry on sticky rice, fried fish with steamed rice, or a butter palak paneer with roti and a salad!

Where: Level 3, Corner of Federal and Victoria Streets, Auckland CBD.

Vegetarian Friendly: Yes.

Conditions: Available Wednesday-Sunday, 12-2.30pm and 5.30-8.30pm.

Oh and if you don’t have faith in me you can see a full list of the $25 menus on offer here. Want more amazing food discounts? Keep up to date on my Instagram: @aucklandcouponguru.