The Ultimate List of Free Things You Can Get On Your Birthday

May 22, 2019 | 22 min read
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Birthdays can honestly be quite underwhelming while studying at uni, queue quarter-life existential crisis. So to take the pressure off you and your wallet I’ve searched far and wide for the best FREE birthday deals in New Zealand! The only time you’ll be raising a finger this year is to present your ID to the cashier.

Note: I’m not responsible for any super awkward ‘happy birthdays’ you may receive from the servers who couldn’t care less.


man eating burger with two hands

1. BurgerFuel, Free Burger

If you have uni lectures on your birthday this deal might just turn that sad day around* with a couple BurgerFuel locations just around the corner!


  • Nab ANY large gourmet burger (worth up to $16.90!) for absolutely free with presentation of your ID and ‘VIB’ birthday email (see Condition).

Condition: To receive the birthday email you must be signed up to their ‘VIB’ newsletter at least a couple days prior.

Bonus: Being a ‘VIB’ also means you’ll be sent monthly deals such as FREE fries with a burger purchase, or buy one, get one free specials!

Where: Nationwide.

*Probably not.

2. Columbus Coffee, Two Free Regular Hot Beverages

Now here’s one for that friend that you’ll be dragging around town, you know, the one that’s having to pay full price while you get the freebies.


  • Thanks to the legends at Columbus Coffee, they’re giving both you AND a friend a FREE hot beverage on your birthday! All you’ve got to do is scan your Rewards Card, or redeem the voucher on the Rewards app at the counter (see Condition).

Condition: You have to either register your Rewards Card that you can receive in-store or sign up to the Rewards app before your birthday to receive the voucher.

Bonus: You’ll receive a free 2-4-1 coffee voucher when you first create an account on the app!

Where: Nationwide.

3. Mexicali Fresh, Free $15 Meal

Yeah, you’ve heard of free burgers before, cool, but we’re mixing it up. Get ready for free burritos on your birthday as well!


  • Drop by any Mexicali Fresh restaurant, flash them your ‘Cabana Club’ app, redeem your fresh birthday coupon (see Condition), and you can now grab any meal up to the value of $15 for FREE.

Condition: You must be signed up on the ‘Cabana Club’ app prior to your birthday month to receive the free meal voucher!

Where: Nationwide.

4. Lord Of The Fries, Free Regular Fries

Don’t you love how burgers and fries go so well together? Don’t you also love the fact that there’s a Lord Of The Fries and BurgerFuel extremely close to each other in the CBD? Same.


  • This may be the easiest redemption of all. Simply rock up to any Lord Of The Fries restaurant and show them your ID. Next thing you know you’ve got a free and tasty regular fries in your hands.

Condition: None.

Where: Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown.

5. Lone Star, $20 Voucher

“Yee (and I cannot stress this enough) Haw”


  • Pop into your local Lone Star for dessert or a couple drinks (because $20 isn’t getting you a main), and when it comes time to pay the bill just redeem your free $20 birthday voucher off the Lone Star Loyal app! (see Condition).

Condition: You must be signed up to the Lone Star Loyal app prior to your birthday to receive the $20 voucher.

Bonus: When you first download the Lone Star Loyal app and sign up, you’ll be treated to a FREE dessert!

Where: Nationwide.

6. Muffin Break, Free Muffin

With all of these savoury options you definitely need something sweet to break it up. Look no further than the lads at Muffin Break!


  • Simply scan your rewards card (see Condition) in-store anytime during your birthday month and you’ll receive a free muffin for all your hard work!

Condition: You must have registered your Muffin Break Rewards card prior to your birthday month to receive your free muffin (you can grab a card in-store.)

Bonus: You’ll receive a FREE coffee when you first sign up to Muffin Break Rewards!

Where: Nationwide

7. Burger Wisconsin, Free Burger

Yes, you can get both a free burger from Burger Wisconsin and BurgerFuel on the same damn day. Best birthday ever?


  • All you’ve got to do is pop into Burger Wisconsin, scan your Loyalty Club barcode (see Condition), and then you’ve got yourself a FREE juicy burger!

Condition: You have to sign up to the Loyalty Club prior to your birthday to receive the free burger voucher.

Bonus: If you sign up to the Loyalty Club via the app, you’ll receive free $4.90 in credit, which can nab you some free chips!

Where: Nationwide.

8. Esquires, Free Small Beverage

After waking up filled with dread, realising another year has passed where you haven’t achieved the goals you set, you’ll definitely need a pick-me-up. Look no further than your old pal, coffee.


  • Just scan your ‘The Regulars’ loyalty card at the counter (see Condition), and you’ll receive a free small beverage of your choice!

Condition: You must have registered your ‘The Regulars’ loyalty card prior to your birthday (you can grab a card in-store) to receive the free beverage.

Bonus: You’ll receive a FREE coffee (value up to $5) when you first register your ‘The Regulars’ loyalty card!

Where: Nationwide.

9. Denny’s, Your Entire Meal Is Free

I was hesitant to put this ol’ classic in because of the fact everyone knows about this deal, but saying that, it’s far too good not to include it.


  • Now, this is the one of the deals on this list where someone has to pay some form of money, so make sure you bring a friend who’s ready to pay (see Condition).
  • All you’ve got to do is show proof of ID to the server and you’ve scored yourself a free meal!

Condition: The free meal must be of equal or lesser value than the full paying adult you’re with.

Where: Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch.

10. Habitual Fix, Free Smoothie

In case you wanted to be #fitspogoals on your birthday, I’ve got that covered too!


  • Simply walk in like a boss, present your ‘Addicts Card’ (see Condition) at the counter, and you’ll receive a FREE addicts smoothie!

Condition: You must have picked up an ‘Addicts Card’ and have registered it online prior to your birthday to receive the smoothie!

Where: Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton.

11. Chatime, Free Drink

Bubble tea is still a craze right?


  • Nab a free drink on your birthday up to the value of $6! Simply present your ‘Loyaltea’ card (see Condition) at the counter.

Condition: You must have registered your ‘Loyaltea’ card online prior to your birthday to receive the free drink voucher (voucher will be loaded 7 days prior.)

Where: Auckland, Dunedin.

12. Jamaica Blue, Free Slice of Cake

If you didn’t get cake, did you even have a birthday?


  • Just present your ‘Caribbean Crew’ loyalty card in-store on your special day and you’ll be gifted a delicious slice of cake on the house!

Condition: You must have picked up a ‘Caribbean Crew’ loyalty card, and have registered it online prior to your birthday to receive your free slice of cake!

Bonus: When you first register your ‘Caribbean Crew’ loyalty card you’ll receive a FREE small coffee!

Where: Nationwide.

13. Little India, $20 Voucher

If you don’t feel like a burger, burrito, or even a hot fudge cake from Denny’s, then a curry from Little Indian might just float your boat!


  • Simply pop into your local Little Indian restaurant, redeem the voucherthat would’ve already been sent to your ‘Little India VIP Club’ account (see Condition), show your server, and you’ve got $20 off!

Condition: To receive your $20 birthday voucher you must’ve signed up to the ‘Little India VIP Club’ online prior to your birthday!

Bonus: When you first sign up and complete your profile, you’ll be gifted a separate $20 voucher in your account to spend! (minimum spend must be $50.) 

Where: Nationwide. 

14. Gengy’s, Dine For $1

This place is such a throwback to 2013, but with literally as much as you can consume for just $1, it may be time to plan a visit.


  • Eat all that your heart desires for just $1 on your birthday! Just present some photo ID to your server for the massive discount.

Condition: You must be accompanied by three adult guests paying full priceto nab your discount!

Where: Nationwide.

15. Cobb & Co, Free Main Meal

Before making this blog post, I really didn’t think this restaurant chain was still around. What a classic.


  • Dine in seven days either side of your birthday (amazing), present some photo ID, and next thing you know you’ll be getting yourself a free main meal!

Condition: You must also be accompanied by three paying adult guests to receive your free main!

Where: Nationwide, excluding Invercargill restaurant.

16. Valentines, Dine For Free

Buffets may just be the greatest invention in human history. Why pay for a set amount of food? Better yet, why pay at all?


  • Pop in on your birthday, present some photo ID to the server, receive an awkward “happy birthday”, and then you can eat as much as you like for FREE!

Condition: To receive your birthday deal you must be accompanied by three full paying adult guests!

Where: Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton, Rotorua.

17. Subway, Free Cooke and Drink

Can we all agree Subway has the best cookies in the whole world? Whoever thought of putting M&Ms inside a cookie is an absolute legend.


  • Simply pop in to any Subway store around New Zealand, order any sub, salad, or wrap, scan your registered ‘SUBCARD’ (see Condition) at the counter, and you’ll receive a FREE cookie and drink!

Condition: You must have registered your ‘SUBCARD’ online prior to your birthday, which you can pick up in-store or create online, to receive your birthday cookie and drink!

Where: Nationwide

18. The Cheesecake Shop, $5 Voucher

We’re getting to the point in life where getting a birthday isn’t a given, and I for one am not for it. Luckily The Cheesecake Shop has our back.


  • Simply sign up to The Cheesecake Shop’s online mailer (see Condition) and you will be greeted by a $5 voucher in your email’s inbox a few days prior to your big day! You can now use this voucher to, you know, buy a cake.

Condition: You must have signed up to The Cheesecake Shop’s online mailerprior to your birthday to receive your $5 voucher!

Bonus: When you first sign up to The Cheesecake Shop’s online mailer you will receive a $5 voucher!

Where: Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton.


girl holding kripsy Kreme box

19. Krispy Kreme

Who doesn’t love doughnuts? Furthermore, who doesn’t love FREE doughnuts?


  • Simply pop into Krispy Kreme, present your ID and birthday voucher (see Condition) to receive four ‘Original Glazed’ doughnuts 100% free!

Condition: To receive the birthday voucher you must be signed up to Krispy Kreme’s ‘Inner Circle’ newsletter a month prior.

Bonus: When you first sign up to the newsletter you also receive a FREE doughnut instantly!

Where: Auckland.

20. Freeman & Grey, $30 Voucher

Ah, Freeman & Grey, home of the $5 pizza special. Now I’m not the best at math, but with a $30 voucher to spend on your birthday, you’re going to be eating like a king.


  • Simply enjoy a great meal and when it’s time to pay the bill, login to your ‘Best Friends’ account (see Condition), and redeem your free $30 birthday voucher!

Condition: You have to of made a ‘Best Friends’ loyalty account before the day of your birthday to receive the voucher!

Bonus: When you first create the loyalty account you’ll be gifted a FREE pizza, and a $10 voucher which you can redeem at anytime!

Where: 43 Ponsonby Rd, Grey Lynn, Auckland.

21. Kelly Tarlton’s, Free Entry

After eating all your delicious free food you’ve got to keep the party going, and what’s a better way to do so than a wholesome, but most importantly free, trip to Kelly Tarlton’s?


  • All you’ve got to do is show the cashier some photo ID when you’re at the counter, and then you’ve got yourself free entry! You’re now able to walk about and see all the penguins you’d like.

Condition: None.

Where: 23 Tamaki Dr, Orakei, Auckland.

22. Sky Tower, Free Entry

Ever wanted to go up the Sky Tower, but then realised they actually charge people to go up? Well it’s 100% free on your birthday!


  • To gain free access up this illustrious tower all you’ve got to do is show proof of photo ID, and address (for some reason), then you can sight-see till your heart’s content!

Condition: None.

Where: Victoria St W, Auckland.

23. Stefano’s, Free Meal

If you feel like living fancy on your birthday why not take a trip to Waiheke, hit the beach, and then by the end of it all get yourself a free dinner.


  • To nab yourself a free meal on the week of your birthday simply mention to your server that you’re a member (see Condition), they’ll find your account, and bam, you’ve got a free meal! 

Condition: To receive your free meal you must of signed up to Stefano’s ‘Membership’ online prior to your birthday!

Where: 18 Hamilton Rd, Waiheke Island.

24. Longroom, $50 Voucher 

After you let all your amazingly free food settle, it’s time to party, and Longroom are here to celebrate with you! Okay, the voucher doesn’t have to be spent on drinks, but lets be real here.


  • Firstly, unfortunately this $50 voucher, isn’t just handed to you. You have to spend $100 to receive the discount, so it’s basically 50% off, but still.
  • Secondly, to receive the discount you simply redeem the voucher that will be sent to your ‘Longpoints’ loyalty account (see Condition), show your server, and that’s it!

Condition: To receive your $50 voucher you must have created a ‘Longpoints’ loyalty account online prior to your birthday!

Bonus: As if you needed an incentive to signup, but when you do, Longroom will send you a voucher for a free cocktail or beer instantly!

Where: 114 Ponsonby Rd, Grey Lynn, Auckland.

25. Chapel Bar & Bistro, $30 Voucher

It’s awfully convenient that Chapel is located just a four minute walk away from Longroom (I ‘Google Mapped’ it thank you), who also offer a birthday deal!


  • All you’ve got to do to get your $30 birthday voucher is login to your ‘Confessions Club’ loyalty account (see Condition), and redeem the voucher that would have already been sent to you when its time to pay the bill!

Condition: You must have already signed up to the ‘Confessions Club’ onlineprior to your birthday to receive your voucher!

Bonus: When you first sign up to Chapel’s ‘Confessions Club’ and complete your profile, you’ll receive a voucher for a free wine or tap beer!

Where: 147 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby, Auckland.

26. Mission Bay Cafe, $25 voucher

Okay name a more Auckland way to enjoy your birthday than driving out to Mission Bay, getting lunch, perhaps a Movenpick ice cream, and then chilling out at the beach, absolute perfection.


  • Simply sign into your ‘MBC Club’ account (see Condition) when it’s time to pay the bill, redeem your birthday voucher, show the server, and you’ve got yourself $25 off!

Condition: To receive your $25 birthday voucher, you must have already signed up to the ‘MBC Club’ online prior to your birthday!

Bonus: When you first sign up and fully complete your profile, Mission Bay Cafe will gift you a ‘buy one hot beverage, get one’ free voucher too! 

Where: 85 Tamaki Dr, Mission Bay, Auckland.

27. Auckland Adventure Jet, Free Jet Boat Ride

I probably wouldn’t recommend this one if you’ve just hit like six different places for free food prior.


  • It’s recommended for this one that you make a booking prior via, info@aucklandadventurejet.co.nz or dial 0800 255 538.
  • Once that’s all done, stroll on down to the waterfront on the dayaccompanied with a friend, family member, or complete stranger you’ve just convinced (see Condition), and you’ve got yourself a free adrenaline pumping boat ride!

Condition: To nab yourself a free jet boat ride you must be accompanied by a full paying adult!  

Where: 2/99 Quay St, Auckland.

28. Optihealth, Free One Hour Massage Treatment

Okay, this may just win the award for best free birthday deal ever. Imagine eating yourself into a ‘food coma’, and then getting a free hour long massage. Peak happiness.


  • It is highly recommended that you book an appointment at least two weeks in advance prior to your birthday.
  • Simply rock up on the day of your appointment (aka, your birthday), show some photo ID and that you’ve met the requirements (see Condition), and you’ve got yourself a free massage!

Condition: To be eligible for a free hour long massage you must have liked or followed Optihealth’s Facebook or Twitter page, and have been a customer in the last 12 months.

Where: 167 Main Hwy, Ellerslie, Auckland.

29. Gloputt, Play For Free

I’m going to set the record straight, no one is ever too old to enjoy a game mini golf. Plus this one is glow in the dark, so it’s extra cool.


  • To nab yourself a free game of mini golf simply present proof of ID at the counter and watch as your friends have to pay full price, easy! 

Condition: None.

Where: 28 Barrys Point Rd, Takapuna.


pizza slice being lifted

30. Cocopelli’s,  $20 voucher

Gourmet pizza on your birthday? What more could you want in life?


  • Pop in ANY day in the month of your birthday, and enjoy an amazing pizza. Then when it’s time to pay, redeem the voucher that would’ve been sent to your ‘Loyaltymate’ app (see Condition), show your server, and that’s it!

Condition: To receive your free $20 birthday voucher you must have downloaded Cocopelli’s ‘Loyaltymate’ app and registered your account prior to the month of your birthday! 

Where: 18 Marshland Rd, Shirley, Christchurch.

31. Merrin Street Brewery Bar, Free Meal

I’m just going to put it out there that this ‘free meal’ can save you up to $37.90 with absolutely no payment required!


  • Simply pop in on your big day, and enjoy any meal your heart desires. When it becomes time to pay, simply present your ‘Loyalty Club’ card (see Condition) to your server to nab your meal for free!

Condition: To receive your free birthday meal, you must be signed up to Merrin Street Brewery Bar’s ‘Loyalty Club’ prior to your birthday, which you can do online!

Where: 53 Merrin St, Avonhead, Christchurch.

32. Grand Café, Free Main Meal

I’m pretty sure it’s law to pay a visit to the casino on your 20th birthday. If not for a game of blackjack, then why not for free food?


  • Take a friend along to the Grand Cafe. Go to the kiosk there and present your ‘Players Club’ card (see Condition) to get your voucher printed. Enjoy any main meal, and when it comes time to pay, simply present your voucher to the server and your meal is free! 

Condition: To nab your free main meal you must have signed up to the ‘Players Club’ online prior to your birthday! This voucher is only valid if you’rewith a full paying guest.

Where: 30 Victoria St, Christchurch Central, Christchurch.

33. Spice Paragon, Free Main Meal

Okay, this could be a game changer. Free Thai food on your birthday? That’s a yes from me.


  • Pop in on your birthday with at least three other guests and enjoy any of the main courses they have on offer. When it’s time to pay the bill, redeem your free meal voucher on your ‘Spice Club’ account (see Condition) and show the server!

Condition: To receive your free birthday meal voucher you must have signed up to the ‘Spice Club’ online prior to your birthday! This offer is only valid if you dine with at least three other full paying guests.

Bonus: When you first sign up to the ‘Spice Club’ you will receive a free dessert voucher up to the value of $14 with absolutely no conditions!

Where: 76 Victoria St, Christchurch Central, Christchurch.

34. The Twisted Hop, Free Meal And A Beer

I’m honestly not the biggest fan of beer, but FREE beer along with a tasty meal is a different story.


  • Simply pop in on your birthday and present your ‘Hop Club’ card (see Condition) to the server. Next thing you know you’ll be enjoying an entirely free meal and beer! 

Condition: To receive your free birthday meal and beer you must have signed up to the ‘Hop Club’ prior to your birthday! You can do this by filling out the online registration form and returning it in person with a one off $10 joining fee.

Where: 616 Ferry Rd, Woolston, Christchurch.

35. Engineers Bar and Restaurant, Free Main Meal

This place is straight booming with deals. It’s like a couponers dream, with no strings attached.


  • Simply stroll on down and enjoy any meal on the menu, and when it comes time to pay the bill, redeem the voucher found on your ‘Engineers VIP Club’ account, and show the server. That’s it! A free delicious meal.

Condition: To receive your birthday meal voucher you must’ve signed up to the ‘Engineers VIP Club’ online prior to your birthday, which is entirely free.

Bonus: When you first sign up to the ‘Engineers VIP Club’ you’ll be gifted an instant $10 voucher! Also, when you first register your card details (which allows you to earn points on purchases) you will get another FREE $10 voucher!

Where: 178 St Asaph St, Christchurch Central, Christchurch.


36. Thistle Inn, Free Main Meal

I’ve never actually been to Wellington before, but for a free main, I may just have to make the trip.


  • Pop on down on your big day accompanied with some friends (see Condition) and photo ID. Show the server you’re a year older, and you’ve scored yourself a free main on the house!

Condition: You must be accompanied by three full paying guests (doesn’t say adults) to receive your free birthday meal!

Where: 3 Mulgrave St, Pipitea, Wellington.

37. Mama Brown, Free Main Meal And Drink.

There are not enough American themed restaurants in New Zealand, I’m just saying. Who doesn’t want to eat themselves into the ultimate comfort food coma?


  • To receive a free main and drink on your birthday you’ve simply got to show up with a friend and some photo ID. Enjoy a main and drink each, and then when its time to pay, show the server your ID, and you’ve got your main and drink entirely for free!

Condition: You must be accompanied by a full paying guest who also orders a main and drink, essentially ‘buy one, get one free’.

Where: 250 Wakefield St, Te Aro, Wellington.

38. Social Club (30+ Venues), $50 Voucher

To make up for the lack of unique deals around Wellington, I present to you the ultimate loyalty card for Wellingtonians. 


  • Pop into ANY of the 30+ participating locations, enjoy a few drinks, a meal, or whatever your heart desires. When it comes time to pay the bill, simply present some photo ID and your birthday voucher that would’ve been emailed to you (see Condition), and you’ve just knocked $50 off the bill!

Condition: To receive your birthday voucher you must’ve signed up to the ‘Social Club’ online prior to your birthday!

Where: Wellington.

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