How To Find Cheap Flight Tickets

Sep 26, 2018 | 4 min read
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If you’re at University, you are a few weeks from SUMMER BREAK! This is officially the last leg of the race, and a holiday away from assignments and exams sound oh so sweet.

Recently, I have personally booked my trip to go overseas, and realised that my cheap flight finding skills are pretty good. Below are my TOP 3 FLIGHT COMPARISON SITES!


Skyscanner is perhaps my favourite on this list. Globally it’s pretty useful and in particular for the US and Europe. My favourite feature is that they can combine cheap tickets from different airlines to give you a dirt cheap package. They are the ultimate winners for ‘price’.


  1. You won’t be booking directly from their site, they will give you a direct link to the cheap ticket.
  2. Always double check on the airline websites to make sure you’re not missing out on codes and special deals that you can add on.
  3. Flying on certain days can be cheaper than others, this can make a $50 difference to your ticket. Skyscanner doesn’t show flexible dates, so check on the airline websites to not miss out.
  4. Domestic airlines that work similarly to Jetstar do not include luggage into their price. You may find that bigger airlines that offer luggage included into the tickets turn out to be cheaper.
  5. Always read reviews for airlines that you are not familiar with, overseas there are cheap airlines with extremely bad customer service and constant flight cancellations. Be on the safe side and check before you buy.


sta travel logo

Another international website, Kayak can help you make decisions about where to go and how much you want to spend. Perfect for people who are flexible about their dates and their final destination. They are the ultimate winner for being ‘flexible’.


  1. Check the airline websites before you book. Kayak will need you to book directly from their website.
  2. Use their ‘forecast’ or ‘price alert’ system, they will tell you whether flight tickets will increase/decrease according to price trends in previous years. Change when you are buying your tickets to get the ultimate deal.
  3. They have a ‘explore’ section that can help show which countries are currently cheaper to go to than others. If you aren’t picky about where to go and just want to travel, this is the site for you.


STA is the only website in this list that has physical stores around university campuses in NZ. You can go visit them for some in-person help if you are struggling with sorting out your travel plans.

On top of your flight ticket you may also receive some free student goodies and deals that you can use later on. They are the ultimate winner for ‘student customer service’.


  1. They are another company where you need to book on their website.
  2. Although they are not always the cheapest, STA becomes the cheapest when they have exclusive student deals with flight agencies. You can view these on their website. Useful for those who are not picky about their final destination.
  3. They are great for travelling with friends, with packages that include Contiki deals and other tours. You are bound to be travelling with likeminded people. Check these out here.
  4. Don’t have enough money to pay the full price? STA offers flexipay where you are able to book and pay later. But this is not available for all flight deals on offer.
  5. Within the list, they are the only company that offers to show insurance packages on top of your flight tickets. Remember to double check other insurance price comparison sites before buying.

Although these websites are perfect for those travelling overseas. NZ is also a great place to travel in summer! You don’t need to hop on a plane to have your dream summer break.

Nothing can beat a summer roadie.