Cheap Deals You Must Know In 2020

Feb 4, 2020 | 11 min read
Hey, I'm Hayden and food is my passion in life. Unfortunately, food can be expensive, and that's where my love for coupons comes in. I'll be sharing my favourites so you can eat and save more! Follow me on Instagram @aucklandcouponguru for more deals!


Happy New Year beautiful people! Hope you’ve had an amazing break and you’re ready to focus on what 2020 has in store. With the new year brings new goals and aspirations for a lot of us, but unfortunately they don’t always go to plan (rip beach body). Because of this I’ve decided to look into cheap deals that’ll help you stick to your resolutions, whether it be healthy eating, exercise, or meat-free diets. Even if you don’t stick to these goals, at least you spent as little money as possible!

Vegetarian/Vegan Diets

Here’s a small list of my go-to vegetarian/vegan eateries to get you started on this wholesome diet. This list of course is both delicious and cheap.

1. Sunflower Thai

Revive Cafe

Boy, oh boy, Sunflower Thai holds a special place in my heart. This Thai restaurant has to be one of the most wholesome places on earth. Situated on High St in the CBD, they serve some of the best Thai food I’ve had, period. Not only this, but your standard mains, are only about $14-16, and you don’t have to worry about being served a hunk of tofu, they make unbelievably tasty fake meat for their dishes! 

DEAL: To make this place unbelievably cheap, you can nab a Buy ONE get ONE FREE on food with Zomato Gold!

Where: 6/50 High Street, Auckland CBD

2. Raw Power

Raw Power is the ultimate brekkie spot for vegetarians/vegans, I’m telling ya. Located up some stairs in Vulcan Lane, you will be treated to very well priced brunch type dishes that are oh-so delicious. Now, you have two options for an amazing meal, you can either load yourself up a plate from the salad bar, or order from the menu. Regardless of what you order, you’ll only be paying between $8.90-17.90 a dish! I cannot recommend this place enough, especially their ‘Tofu Hash Mushroom’, they genuinely make one of the best hash browns in the world.

Where: 10 Vulcan Lane, Auckland CBD

3. The Burgerie

The Burgerie

Burgers and fries, what more could you want from life? The Burgerie is a classic takeaway burger bar located on K Road, that I’d recommend for those that are struggling to make the transition. They serve up a wide range of delicious fried goods, that even the biggest carnivores will love, and best part, it’s so cheap! With delicious burgers for as little as $6 alongside things like fries and onion rings, this is definitely a spot that’ll put you in a food coma. 

Where: 95 Karangahape Road, Auckland CBD

4. Indian Restaurants 

This next one has no specific location, I just thought we should all spend a moment appreciating the entire mainstream Indian cuisine. The fact you can get curries with rice for less than $10, or a curry with rice, naan, and a drink for a single Kate Shepard ($10) is absolutely absurd. Better yet, usually vegetarian/vegan curries are cheaper than those with meat, and in a lot of cases the meat is the only thing stopping a tasty dish from being vegetarian! So if your wallet is feeling the pinch, or you want to eat something with familiarity, stop by your local Indian takeaway for a treat.

5. Bowl and Arrow

Bowl and Arrow

Okay, smoothie bowls get a lot of bad publicity, but don’t listen to the haters. They are absolutely delicious, good for you, look amazing, and yeah of course they have sugar, it’s fruit. Out of all the smoothie bowl eateries, Bowl and Arrow has to be my favourite. They use the absolute best ingredients, put a heap of love into it, and most importantly, they have a coupon.

DEAL: Nab a hot coffee of any size for just $3 on Wednesdays!

Where: 228 Orakei Road, Remuera and 277/309 Broadway, Newmarket.

Gym Memberships

Gym memberships can sometimes cost a fortune, luckily there’s a few out there that won’t get in between your goals and wallet. 

1. Uni Gyms

These gyms only apply to university students so if you’re not one, keep on scrolling. Signing up to a uni gym is a smart choice, it’s ridiculously cheap, and I mean it’s in the same location as where you’re attending classes (if you attend). Most uni gyms also offer group fitness classes, the only downside is they’re not open 24/7, but I doubt you’ll be craving a gym session at 2am so they’re still a quality option.

If you’re not based in Auckland, don’t worry, your uni almost definitely has a gym you can sign up to, I just didn’t want to spam 10 links.

2. City Fitness

City Fitness

City Fitness is both the fastest growing and absolute cheapest weekly payment gym around! With over 30 gyms around New Zealand that are open 24/7 and have the newest gym equipment around, you can’t go wrong.

Now there’s a few options in terms of memberships depending on what your goals are.

  1. Nab a membership for just $7 a week on a 12 month plan
  2. Jump on an open term plan for $12 a week
  3. Open term plan, attend group fitness classes, bring a friend during business hours, use unlimited WiFi, use the massage chairs, and even get a free gym bag for just $14 a week!

3. Jetts Fitness

Jetts is another cheapie 24/7 gym that won’t break the bank and is located throughout New Zealand with over 50 clubs, so wherever you are you can get a good workout. Not only does your membership give you access to the gyms in New Zealand, but you can also visit any of the Jetts in Australia and Thailand (you know, because reasons).

Jetts has your typical gym equipment, weight machines, free weights, a heap of cardio equipment, boxing bags, and depending on the location, fitness classes. Now, there’s a couple weekly payment options to choose from, you can either be on an 

  1. Open-term, cancel anytime plan for just $12.95 a week
  2. Minimum 12 month term plan for just 9.95 a week!
  3. Pay up front and nab 12 months for just $470, which is a low $9 a week! 

DEAL: If you join Jetts at the moment there’s no joining fee (saving $49), and you get your first two weeks free!

4. Social Sport Teams

If going to the gym isn’t really your thing, but you still want to work on your fitness, perhaps a more enjoyable form is a social sporting team! A social team is a sports team that still competes against other teams, but in a more friendly, less serious manner. There’s social teams across almost every sport and town and they’re usually pretty cheap!

You’ll be looking at around $10 a game, and you’ll have a lot of fun while still getting a great workout. Just search for the sport you’re after with your location in Google and heaps of results will appear!

5. Gym Trials

Les Mills Gym Trial

If you’re really on struggle street but still want to get those gains, I have the trick for you. Luckily there’s countless gyms that offer free trials, but who said anything about actually joining?

You can practically visit every gym in New Zealand, sign up to a trial (maybe use a fake email address/phone number), get those gains, and then move onto the next one. Here is a link to the best free gym trials in Auckland!

Healthy Eating

Eating healthy can be an absolute struggle. Here’s a few options that are healthy, tasty, and well priced to help you on your journey!

1. Foodprint

Foodprint is my absolute favourite app on the marketplace, combining my three passions, saving money, eating delicious food, and helping the environment. The way it works is that local cafes and eateries around Auckland (so far) can post leftover food or beverages on the app that will go to waste at 50-90% off!

I’ve been to so many eateries that are usually too expensive and had some amazing meals at a fraction of the price through Foodprint, reducing waste and methane emissions in the process!

2. Habitual Fix

Habitual Fix is the alternative cousin of Subway and Pita Pit, offering sandwiches, wraps, salads, pitas, noodles, smoothies, juices, and even bagels!Basically anything you could ever want. They use fresh, healthy, and delicious ingredients, and are absolutely perfect for an on-the-go lunch. Fortunately they also are offering a limited time deal through Groupon!

DEAL: Until the 29th of February you can nab any wrap, sandwich, or salad for just $7.99. This can save you up to $4.51 or 36% off! Simply click here to nab this deal.

3. Poke Bowls

Poke Bowls

Poke bowls are perhaps the biggest craze since bubble tea to hit the foodie scene, and for good reason. They’re one of the healthiest ‘fast foods’ out, offering fresh and tasty ingredients not lathered in fat, and better yet, they’re well priced.

Ha! Poke located at UoA is priced at just $8.50! It is then up to you to add any extras like meat, avocado, etc (which are decently priced themselves.) Each bowl you can either have salad or rice, which are then stacked with ingredients like edamame, pickled ginger, cucumber, kimchi, radish, and finished with delicious authentic sauces. I got hungry just writing this.

4. Tank

Tank Juice

Tank is a staple and now offers a couple smoothie specials every week!

DEAL: For just $5.90 you can nab the Tank classic smoothie of the week, or if you’re feeling fancy you can get the fancy premium tank of the week for just $6.90! The flavours change each week via Instagram. so be sure to stay tuned. UoA students can also nab a Half Tank Nutra Blast for $6.50 via the Niesh App.

5. Revive Cafe

Revive Cafe

Revive is the classic healthy lunch spot in the CBD. Although it’s vegetarian/vegan you definitely won’t miss the meat or dairy with their ever changing delicious menu. 

Each week you can choose from about 7 different salads, 2 different smoothies, 2 different hot pots ranging from curries to casseroles, and a special of the day such as a chicken burrito or cannelloni. As delicious as this all sounds it is also well priced at $9 to $15.

DEAL: If you’re a student you’re in luck. Simply sign up to their mailer, include your valid student ID, and you’ll be sent your virtual Revive Student Card!With this you can nab $11 large, $9 regular, or $7 small boxes, making lunch extremely affordable.

Where: 24 Wyndham St and 33 Lorne St, Auckland CBD

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