Best Tips And Tricks On Scoring Cheap Petrol

Apr 9, 2020 | 6 min read
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Insider tips for how to score the cheapest petrol in New Zealand.

2020 is off to a rough start guys, the past couple months have been absolutely wild to say the least. 

However, it’s always best to look on the bright side of life, and there is one good thing to come from all of this, petrol is now somewhat affordable again! Travel restrictions and shutdowns due to the virus have caused petrol prices to absolutely plummet, being about 33 cents cheaper than it was a couple weeks ago (I’m writing this on the 19th of March) and the cheapest it’s been in years! So I’ve decided to celebrate with a list of tips and tricks to help you get fuel at its absolute cheapest, as this will probably be the last time you’ll see it below $2 a litre.

Use Z App’s Sharetank Feature And Stock Up On Fuel NOW

z sharetank

Petrol has never been so cheap, if only there was a way to buy a huge amount of fuel at these cheap prices and use it over time? Spoiler, there is.

What: New to the Z App is the life changing feature Sharetank, which allows you to buy up to 1000 litres of each type of fuel (91, diesel, and premium) at the best current price within a 30km radius! This is perfect for those who live in the city, but don’t want to pay city fuel prices, knocking an extra 10 cents off per litre. To redeem the fuel you simply scan the QR code in the app instead of using traditional payments. You can even share the Sharetank (hence the name) with friends and family so everyone can chip in! Making this the ultimate feature for road trips or carpools.

Use Petrol Company Apps To Get Free Stuff And Save Money On Fuel

aa smart fuel

Apps are amazing guys, they help you manage your entire life in one place. Companies want you to use their apps so they lure you by offering freebies, and I’m okay with that.

What: Firstly, by downloading petrol apps you can store all your discount cards on the app, so you can easily scan it at the counter, keep track of your stored discount amount and when it expires.

Here’s a couple apps that offer a little extra

  1. Z App – If you simply download the Z App, you get a free barista made hot beverage, nab an instant 10 cents off per litre, and you gain $5 off a car wash! On top of the amazing Sharetank, of course. 
  2. Caltex App – Download the Caltex app to receive an instant 6 cents off per litre!

Use Fuel Apps That Locate The Cheapest Petrol Stations

So many times I’ll go to a petrol station, just to find out 5 minutes later that I could’ve saved an extra 10 cents per litre if I just went to a different station. Luckily there are now apps to help you save!

What: There are now free apps in the marketplace (I use Gaspy) that after entering your location, fuel type and specifying the distance you’re wanting to search, you can now find the absolute cheapest petrol stations around! It works by members sharing the updated price of a petrol location to help you save money.

Stack Your Petrol Savings

z and Caltex pumped

Whenever you visit a petrol station, you most likely full up, swipe, get your 6 cent discount and call it a day. What if I told you, that you no longer have to settle for a simple $1 savings, because you can stack up your 6 or 10 cent discount and save a ridiculous amount.

What: As mentioned, fuel apps now offer the amazing option of stacking your discounts, meaning you no longer have to redeem just 6 cents off per litre. Instead you can save it for next time and build up your total discount until you’re ready to redeem.

The best way to do this

  1. Top up the minimum amount you need to stack ($40)
  2. Stack that amount, and continue to do so till you’re near the expiry date of your points
  3. Fill it up, and watch that $100 bill go down to $80 like nothing. This is actually the most satisfying thing in the world, I swear. 

Wait For Higher Discount Days

This one is quite simple, if you read the last tip in this blog you’ll know that there can be a massive difference between saving 6 cents per litre, and saving that beautiful tenner. 

What: Every few days, or at least once a week the petrol stations will be running ‘Discount Day’ where you can save 10 cents off per litre! Waiting for these days to fuel up, especially when you’re stacking the discounts can help you save serious money. I highly recommend keeping enough petrol so you can make it to discount day! Simply subscribe to their mailers to get 1-2 days notice of when they’re doing discounts.

Don’t Fuel Up In Auckland Or Rural Towns

filling up dollars

If there’s anything to take from this blog, it’s that petrol companies are extremely crafty and have a monopoly on all of us. The least we can do is avoid giving them as much money as possible, and that’s where this next tip comes in.

What: Ah, the almighty Auckland fuel tax a hefty 11.5 cents added onto our already expensive prices, you’d think we have it the worst, but we don’t. Rural towns have it worse a lot of the time, which can really screw you over when you’re on a road trip. By simply ensuring you fuel up in a semi-major town or making it out of the Auckland region first you can save 10 or 20 cents off per litre just like that. Just make sure you use apps like Gaspy to see the nearest prices to make your journey smarter!

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