Actual Happy ‘Happy Hour’ Deals in Auckland

Sep 26, 2019 | 7 min read
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Ah, the ‘Happy Hour’ a staple marketing ploy. Discount on drinks or food for a couple hours in the afternoon to lure those retiring for the day. Sounds like a solid idea right? The only problem is a lot of these promotions genuinely suck, often taking off $1 from their already expensive drinks.

So, I’ve decided to track down the select handful of ‘Happy Hour’ deals around Auckland that actually save you a decent amount of dosh and will leave you, well, happy.

1. Everybody’s – $5 Beer and Wine

If you’re unsure where to suggest for end of day drinks, look no further than Everybody’s, it’s perfect for everybody (see what I did there.) Right next door to Roxy, it’s an easy walking distance for everyone, offering a chill vibe, and of course very cheap ‘Happy Hour’ drinks!


If you pop down on Tuesday-Saturday between the hours of 5pm to 7pmyou’ll be treated to their amazingly priced ‘Happy Hour’. Featuring $5 house wine and beer you definitely cannot go wrong (or get much cheaper.)


Imperial House Level 1/7 Fort Ln, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010.

2. Sweat Shop Brew Kitchen – $1 Hot Dogs

Sweat Shop Brew Kitchen - $1 Hot Dogs

Okay, I never said ‘Happy Hour’ was limited to drinks, it’s 2019 we’re all about diversity and Sweat Shop is personally one of my favourite places to go for a bite.


Simply hit up Sweat Shop on a Wednesday after 5pm and you’ll be treated to $1 hot dogs! The only catch is you must purchase a beverage to wash down the deliciousness, but by buying just one drink you can have up to five hot dogs. I think this deal is what it means to be an entrepreneur.


7 Sale St, Freemans Bay, Auckland 1010.

3. Mexican Cafe – $5 Beer, Wine, and Tequila

This may just be call of the year, but Mexican Cafe’s ‘Happy Hour’ is the best in the Auckland CBD, there I said it. Situated in the heart of the city on Vic St West, flexing some of the cheapest drinks money can buy with a quality outdoor seating area, Mexican Cafe is a top city destination to unwind.


Literally any day of the week between 5-7pm you can venture into Mexican Cafe and buy some extremely cheap drinks. For just one Sir Edmund ($5 for the uncultured swines) you can purchase a glass of chardonnay, sav, riesling, shiraz, tui, export gold, or a shot of good ol’ tequila. Alongside this there’s also $9 margaritas if you’re feeling fancy.


67 Victoria St W, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010.

4. Holey Moley – Pint, Pizza, and 9 Holes of Mini-Golf for $25

Holey Moley Cocktail

Holey Moley, an indoor bar centered around themed mini-golf courses, is the biggest craze in Auckland.  I mean who doesn’t love the idea of drunken mini-golf on a Simpsons themed hole while eating a delicious pizza? This is it, chief.


Your Mondays and Tuesdays are actually about to become 100x better with this Holey Moley deal. Pop in between 5-7pm on the aforementioned days and your entire night is sorted, with a pint of cider or beer, a hefty pizza, and 9 holes of their oh-so-popular mini-golf costing you just $25!


204 Quay St, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010.

5. Al’s Deli – $5 Tap Beer and $6 Wine

Al’s Deli is the beautiful Canadian restaurant located midway up Queen St that brought us both the legendary poutine burger, and donuts with syringes. So you know damn well they’re going to have a quality ‘Happy Hour’ to match.


Stop on by any weekday that suits between 3-6pm and you can nab both $5 glasses of tap beer and $6 house wines. Better yet, between Monday-Thursday Al’s Deli also has amazing daily specials on their delicious food you can pair this ‘Happy Hour’ with, including burgers, ribs, and wings! Gotta love Canada.


1/492 Queen St, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010.

6. Rydges – Rooftop Friday Specials

Rydges Rooftop DJ

I know what you’re thinking, Rydges is spendy, and it can be. But you can’t just rate a ‘Happy Hour’ based on how cheap it is, sometimes it’s the experience that makes it so worth it. Don’t worry, the drinks are still well priced, and this is probably the coolest ‘Happy Hour’ in the Auckland CBD so bare with me.


Every Friday from 4pm, basically when everyone is ready to quit adulting for the week, Rydges has us absolutely covered. It is at this time where they open up their beautiful rooftop terrace to their patrons to kick the weekend off right with live music to match. While soaking up the views and enjoying the music you can nab $8 spirits, wines, and beers, alongside tasty $10 cocktails, a really good price to pay for a quality start to your evening.


59 Federal St, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010.

7. Headquarters – All Day ‘Happy Hour’ Till Sunset

Headquarters Viaduct Bar

Headquarters automatically makes it on this list because who doesn’t want to unwind on a lounger while looking over the Viaduct in the hot Summer sun? On top of this they’ve got some banging deals on drinks to go alongside this quality setup.


I don’t know how I feel about calling this one a ‘Happy Hour’ when it literally runs for 7 or 8 hours everyday, but I make the rules so here we are. Simply pop on by between the hours of 11am and whenever the sunsets, which is typically between 6pm and 8pm (depending on the time of year), and you’re in for a treat. With $5 wines, $25 bottles, $10 margaritas, and $20 jugs of Monteith’s Golden Lager you’re absolutely sorted for after uni/work drinks, or a full day of drinking, your choice.


115 Customs St W, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010.

8. Freeman & Grey – $7 Wine and Beer

I don’t think Freemans needs any introduction, this is definitely one of the most well known bars in Auckland because of their near mythological daily $5 pizza special. Although, it’s this pizza special that overshadows their quality drink deals that runs alongside it. I mean, a $5 pizza with a $7 beer, what a match made in heaven.


For this one you do have to sign up to Freeman & Grey’s ‘Best Friends’ loyalty club, which is completely free, and I mean you do get a free pizza and a $10 voucher to help sweeten the deal. So, once you’re a member you then have access to their $7 house beer and wine drink special! The good news is this runs everyday of the week, for as long as their open, making this the quality spot for when you want a cheap drink at any point in the day.


43 Ponsonby Rd, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1011.

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