11 Must-Have Gadgets for Uni Students

Mar 3, 2020 | 11 min read
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Whether you’re an ex-Year 13 fresh out of high school or a senior citizen who’s a seasoned pro at university life, you’re no doubt eager to upgrade your living area with some much-needed comforts. Fortunately, with all the incredible technology available to us in 2020, even the drabbest area can be turned into a functional and stylish space.

Check out these 11 incredible gadgets that will help you make the most of your living space (+ the cheaper alternatives).

1. Bose QuietComfort 35 II Headphones ($498)

When you’re living away from home, there are all sorts of noises you want to block out. Whether you’re trying to get Really Important Stuff™ done in a public library, at Uni or in your own room, a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones can make a big difference.

But often, finding a quiet place can be harder than you think. I mean, universities are supposed to be social after all, and that’s great! Until you realize you’ve got a 2,000-word essay due tomorrow that you’re a little lot behind on (feels…).

Not only are Bose’s QuietComfort 35 II headphones ultra comfy, they’ve got loads of little smart controls and connectivity features which make them even better, and worth the hefty price tag imo.

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Alternatively, try: Anker Soundcore Life Q20 ($94)

2. TaoTronics Metal LED Desk Lamp ($110)

A good, sturdy desk lamp is a necessity for late night work and study sessions. And this desk lamp by TaoTronics does more than just shine a light on your studies. 

  1. It’s small and doesn’t get in the way, so you can throw around your papers as much as you like.
  2. It has a tough metal frame, so you can throw around your papers as much as you like.
  3. It offers six different brightness levels, so you can thr adjust the ambience to your roommate’s level of comfort. Cos you know, you don’t want to hurt the roomie relationships so early on.

You’d be hard-pressed to find another desk lamp that does what this one can, all with a minimalist aesthetic!

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Alternatively, try: TW Lighting IVY LED Desk Lamp ($27)

3. Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron ($36)

We don’t often have room for a full ironing board + iron set, and even if there was, not many of us would have the time or patience to use it. Hell, I know I wouldn’t.

So keep your clothes looking their best with what may be a serious contender for the world’s smallest steaming iron, the Steamfast SF-717 Mini. But don’t let that fool you, because its actually quite a suitable alternative to the real, bigger thing. It’s compact, travel-friendly and takes only a minute to heat up!

Go on then, blast hot steam at your clothes. You may be able to remove wrinkles that are deeper and more stubborn than the ones your great-great-grandma has.

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4. Choetech Wireless Charger ($20)

Sometimes the most essential gadgets are the ones that seem the simplest. You know, when it’s super late, you’ve just gotten home from a crazy night out and you really can’t think of anything better than just crashing on the sofa, plugging in your phone can seem like a chore (ikr, first world problems). 

A wireless charger solves that problem! Charging will start pretty much as soon as the phone makes contact with the pad – you don’t even need to be that accurate. This particular wireless charger from Choetech is dirt cheap and works with both Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models, as well as many other Qi-protocol compatible devices. It can even charge a Blackberry, that is, if they exist anymore?

So set one up beside your bed, get another one for the kitchen, and trust me, you’ll be very grateful for it.

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5. Itaki Pro Portable Electric Lunchbox ($50)

A portable electric lunchbox, as you will quickly learn, is a hungry uni student’s best friend. Why? Because you can cook an incredible variety of meals inside it just by following some basic instructions, dumping some ingredients inside, and switching it on.

It’s ideal for a no-fuss, fix-and-forget meal that may resemble something your mum might make back at home. It’s bento-style as well, so plenty of room for veggies, meats, rice, side dishes, whatever!

Whether you want to cook from scratch or just throw together something half-decent from last night’s leftovers, the Itaki Pro electric lunchbox can do it whenever and wherever you want (well, anywhere with a power outlet, at least).

I wouldn’t be surprised if one of you took this to a lecture or something.

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6. AdirChef Grab N’ Go Personal Coffee Maker ($35)

Calling all coffee lovers! Never pay $5 for a cup of coffee again with AdirChef’s personal coffee maker. If you’re the kind of person who can’t function without their daily dose of caffeine, this one’s for you. 

Not only is this coffee maker practical but also eco-friendly as it’s fitted with a permanent filter, eliminating the need for paper filters. And once the cup is full, the coffee maker automatically shuts off to save power. All of which is of course very important in this day and age! 

But that’s not all: it also comes with a travel mug – a godsend for those 8ams that you signed up for because you wanted to give yourself the illusion of productivity.

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7. AmazonBasics Security Safe Box ($94)

Ladies, we’ve all been there – stashing things into your bra can seem like the only safe way to hold onto your valuables in a world full of pickpockets (not to mention all those drunken nights). It doesn’t help that 99% of dresses don’t have pockets either!

Even if you trust your fellow roommates or your building has a prison-like security system, an electronic safe will give you that much-needed peace of mind when you’re away from your room. Keep your passports, documents, extra cash, and other valuables tucked away securely so you don’t ever have to worry that someone is gonna steal your precious things.

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Alternatively, try: Yuanshikj Electronic Deluxe Digital Safe Box ($44)

8. Eufy RoboVac 11S ($268)

Halls and apartments are known for many things, but cleanliness and hygiene probably aren’t at the top of that list.

Who needs to vacuum with their own two hands when your own robot can ‘touch-up’ vacuum for you, and that too without using any hands. Eufy’s RoboVac will keep your floors clean from lolly wrappers, stray crumbs, eraser rubbings and all the other junk that accumulates over the course of a stressful uni week.

Start a cleaning session by pressing the button on the top, or alternatively program it to do a daily sweep while you and your roommates are getting GongCha in a lecture. Just make sure you don’t set it to start its cleaning cycle remotely unless you know for a fact that there’s no vomit on the floor…..eugh.

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Alternatively, try: ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum ($200)

9. AstroAI Mini Fridge ($65)

Keep a few cold drinks and snacks on hand with a personal mini fridge from AstroAI. This pint-sized refrigerator fits easily on a desk or drawer, so it’s handy in cramped rooms where every inch of precious space counts. And the same goes for transporting it outside the home, where it claims to stay cool for several hours after it has been turned off.

Perhaps you’d like to keep your favorite snacks stashed near your bed – you know, for easy access during those late-night study sessions. Or perhaps you’d like to keep your beauty essentials in tip-top condition (after all, a skincare routine isn’t something to be taken lightly!)

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10. Anko Egg Cooker ($19)

Let’s be real for a minute. You’re a uni student – that means you don’t want to step outside of your room at 6am in the morning just so you can grab some sub-par cuisine. But we all know that brekkie is the most important meal of the day, so surely something can be done to fuel your body with some better, healthier food.

Fear not! Egg cooker to the rescue. This particular one can hold up to six eggs and cooks soft, medium or hard boiled eggs, whichever you like! No need to muck around with a saucepan or pot, just throw some eggs and water in and boil to your liking for a quick protein-rich snack. (On second thought, probably don’t throw them).

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11. Tile Mate ($25)

Hmm. You know you’ve thrown the keys in your room somewhere…but where exactly? If you’re the kind of person always losing stuff everywhere (hello, it me), then this little device would be nothing short of a lifesaver.

Attach the Tile Mate keyring to your oft-lost-item of choice, and you can use the app to locate it if when you lose it. And these things are loud too. If your Tile is anywhere near when you activate the sound, there is no way you’re going to miss the sound, unless you’re quite literally passed out or in Stage 99 deep-sleep mode.

Perhaps the best feature of all, if you’ve got your keys (finally) but can’t find your phone, hitting the button on the Tile Mate keyring will make your phone ring even when it’s on silent (when is it not, tho?). Amazing!

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Did we miss anything? Good luck with 2020 as we head into the beginning of Semester 1.