5 Pieces of Advice You Need Today: Shailan Patel

Jun 7, 2019 | 2 min read
Hello world! I'm Niesh's Head of Student Engagement and I run our ON Event Series. My expertise ranges from food all the way to sharing knowledge on how to make the most of your student experience.


Shailan Patel has been a backbone of student interaction with MYOB. If you studied Commerce or Computer Science, there is a likely chance you’ve heard him speak at more than one event.

He is a mentor to many individuals, including me and I loved his article for the University of Auckland. Below are 5 snippets of advice I would recommend giving a read.

A short read for true value.

1) My advice to students is think long-term. Start career planning in your first year. No longer in your first year? Start now – it is never too late to get started, but getting in earlier will put you ahead of the curve.

2) Take advantage of the many events that are out there for students (many of them available within your institution), to build relationships and learn about the industry in which you want to work, and someday soon you’ll be well placed to secure that coveted internship or graduate role.

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3) Your network should serve you for life. Meaningful connections will turn into meaningful relationships, and although this process takes time, it’s all the more valuable as a result. You never know when a connection you make today will help you in five months, five years, or perhaps even five decades.

4) While some students may be in the habit of taking their CV along to careers fairs and the like, I’d counsel against it. In my experience, it’s highly unlikely a job offer would ever be made on the spot. Most employers aren’t looking for a stack of paperwork to process, they’re looking to gauge the talent coming down the line and to make note of any individuals that show a real interest in what they do.

5) I recommend meeting with the companies you want to work for or to know more about. Work at building connections within those organisations in such a way that will allow you to build on the relationship after the event. Find out as much as you can about them to make certain there’s a fit for you.

Take a look at the full article here. If you’re interested in more recruitment advice, I would highly recommend our ‘10 Step Networking Guide‘ or ‘Guide to Recruitment‘ blog.